"The TS Experience"

Crick and Rock


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DFC 1: The Showdown

"Stocky" Cricket Marie vs Rock "Bottom" Roman

Cricket is a stocky, yet svelt, welterweight that brings years
of experience as the first dog of Buzz and Boo.  A veteran
of the kennel, she is a black collar in the art of Jiu-Shiht-zu. 
As Rocky's mentor and training partner, she accepted 
the challenge to go up in weight class to compete
against Rocky in the light heavyweight division.

Rocky is an up-and-coming force in the world of DFC. 
With all of the attributes of the prototypical canine athlete,
Rocky has unlimited potential and can beat any competitor
in the four walls of the Quadragon. 

This showdown sets up to be one for the ages, in dog years.

Tail of the Tape
 3 Age 
 29"  Height 36" 
 42 lbs Weight  76 lbs
 30" Reach   40"
 Sweet Submission  Fighting Style Playful Brawler 
"Brindle Fury"  Finishing Move "Jugular Jaw Clinch" 
Good News Kennels   Fighting Out of (GLP) Gotta Love Pits   

Post-Showdown: Crick and Rock take a much
needed rest to recover for the next match when
they go outside.


There have been famous duos through history--
Buzz and Boo, Shake N' Bake, Rocky and Bullwinkel,
Ben and Jerry, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum--
but none can compare to the two troublemakers
 of the Buzz and Boo family, Crick and Rock. 
These two have provided many moments
of laughter and absurdity that keeps life
'interesting' to say the least. 

Cricket  Marie

Cricket Marie was born on
October 2, 2004, in Tucson, Arizona.  She was given to Buzz and Boo at a picnic, the last of a litter of 5 pups.  She earned her name due to the brown and black coloration of her fur and unique way she has of hopping around in the grass.  One fo the sweetest dogs, ever, Cricket will shower you with affection.    

Rocky Roman

Rocky Roman was born on
March 2, 2007, in Tucson, Arizona.  He was adopted from the Southern Arizona Humane Society, a week before he was scheduled to be put to sleep.  Truly enjoying his life, Rocky is full of energy and coupled with his goofiness, provides
Buzz and Boo hours of entertainment and tons of love. 


Cricket basking in the sun

Vicious?...I think not

Look into my eyes

Cricket catching the breeze

Cricket With Her Favorite Rawhide Bone

Rocky With His Favorite Rawhide 

Cricket Sunbathing 

Cricket Stare

Crick and Rock
on the Hunt

Cricket as a Young Pup

Cricket in Shock

Cricket Atop Mt Lemmon
in Tucson, Arizona 

Crick and Rock Go For a Swim







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